I love using technology! Especially when it actually makes my life EASIER!

For example: My wife is not a nerdette, bless her heart. She tries, she really does, but she does not take to technology like a duck to water. And she isn’t exactly a day planner carrying type of gal either. Instead, she let’s me manage her calendar for her.

I already had us on an Exchange Server, and she uses Outlook 2007 on her laptop. So imagine my joy when she started using a Motorola Devour smart phone!

I set up the Devour to sync to her Exchange calendar, then set up her Outlook to automatically accept meeting invites. Now I can create an event on my calendar as she gives me the information so I can still see and manage it, I add her as an invitee, and BAM! it’s on her phone with a reminder!

I love technology!