I have an Asus Eee PC 900A netbook, and recently upgraded it to Ubuntu 10.

I downloaded Unetbootin, and created a bootable thumb drive, and all I can say is “WOW!”

I hadn’t looked at Ubuntu since version 8, and was very impressed! WLAN, the touchpad, and sound all worked right off the bat! And the WLAN had always proven to be my Achilles heel with both Ubuntu versions 6 and 8.

I’m also very pleased with the performance of Ubuntu 10 on the Eee PC 900A, as it is just as – if not slightly – faster than the Asus factory loaded OS.

Encouraged by my success on the Asus, I took an older Dell 1521 that I was going to donate and use in the church office. It was running dog slow with XP SP3 and all the updates installed. So I plugged in the same USB thumb drive I used for the Asus, changed the boot order in the BIOS, and installed Ubuntu on the Dell too.

Again, I am very pleased with the ease of installation! The WLAN and the audio drivers were all plug and play, and after I installed the updates and the plugins for Firefox, I was streaming Pandora Radio with no problems.