I was looking at my older 3 megapixel Kodak digital camera, with the cracked plastic, and the ever decreasing battery life (even with alkaline or NiMH’s replacing the factory battery pack), and said to myself, “My Droid has a better camera… wish I could mount it on the tripod”.

And so began my search for a tripod adapter for the Droid.

Naturally, I ended up on eBAY, and I saw this, and for less than $10.00 I was willing to take a chance on it.

I am pleasantly surprised! While you need to take the extra few minutes make sure you have the phone securely in place and level in the holder, it DOES function surprisingly well!

So if you have a Droid – or similarly sized phone – and want to use it with a tripod, go ahead and spend the few dollars it costs. You too will be pleasantly surprised, I think!