I apologize for the disruption in my posting schedule, but I had an abscessed tooth, and it really knocked me down hard.

Why can’t I find a software application to do what I want on my Droid? I don’t think I’m asking for the moon. All I want is a daily agenda that shows me my appointments, and my tasks due or overdue, all in the same view, and not have to use two dozen different applications and services to accomplish it!

Pure Calendar Widget gives me the view, but relies on third party apps to manage tasks. Which is ok, but not an ideal solution, especially since the widget doesn’t recognize my task list from VCOrganizer.

I like how it integrated the tasks from Nitrodesk’s Touchdown, but I didn’t like Touchdown overall.

Maybe by the time I’m ready to upgrade phones again, there will be a good native solution bundled into Android…