I have an Asus Eee PC 900A that I’ve written about before. I like Ubuntu on the Asus. It’s quick. I find it user friendly. And it does everything I want it to, at the moment. But it’s my keep next to the bed for surfing the web when insomnia strikes machine.

I also have a Dell Mini 10V, with 1 gig RAM and Windows 7 Starter. And once it was booted, and you had the application you wanted open, it is usable (though the touch pad still drives me crazy, and I use an external mouse any chance I get). However, the performance is really sluggish and makes the diskless Asus look almost snappy in comparison.

So I decided to upgrade the RAM and bought a 2 gig memory module. If anyone from Dell is reading this, please put in the suggestion box that the design engineers for this project be fired, or at least re-educated! Why – I repeat WHY – would you put the RAM module between the bottom of the case and the system board, and NOT put an access panel? Yet I can remove the wifi module with only 1 screw? HELLO?!?!

Thank God for all of the brave souls before me who have done this, and taken the time and trouble to document and video the process of completely disassembling and reassembling the Mini 10V.

I am much happier with the Mini 10V with 2 gigabytes of RAM, and I can see a significant performance increase. I’ll give it a few weeks of use before I decide whether or not I want to put Ubuntu on it. But overall, the upgrade was worth the time and money.