I got a new-to-me (aka slightly used) HP 6500 Pro desktop. So I boot off the Win 7 CD, deleted all the partitions, and started totally from scratch. Windows partitions and formats the drive with no problem. Windows installs AOK with no errors. but I have no network connectivity! It tells me the network is an unidentified public network, and I don’t have an IP address configured. But I had link on both the PC and the switch on my desk (a Linksys by Cisco 8 port 10/100 workgroup switch model EZXS88W ver 3.4). And coincidentally, this same switch has a T61 Thinkpad, an older Dell Optiplex GX620, and a Laserjet 4 with a Jetdirect card, all concurrently connected and working. I have also had a Dell Mini 10, an Asus Eee PC 900a, and my wife’s eMachine working off the same switch too recently.

What is interesting is, I had the EXACT same problem a few weeks ago with a Compaq CQ60 laptop, but the wireless worked AOK so I figured it was just bad hardware on the laptop, as it had worked on the same switch the day before it developed the issue.

So I start troubleshooting. I tried giving the machine a static IP. I disabled and re-enabled the NIC. I downloaded the specific driver from HP’s website. I Google’d the error, and tried all the suggestions on all the different forums I read, and still nothing. I went as far as reinstalling Windows out of frustration. I forced it to 100baseT full duplex (even though that is what the switch already indicated it was connected at). No dice. I then forced it to 10baseT full duplex – BAM – works like a champ, and downloaded all the updates last night.

I haven’t tried to chase down just what the root of the issue is, but the only commonality is the switch, and both problem machines have Broadcom NIC’s.

Anyone else having issues with Linksys switches and Broadcom NIC’s?