We just aquired a 32 gig, wi-fi only, iPad 2. I’ll be honest, I have probably only scratched the surface of what it can (and can’t) do. But with that said – I love it! But only for what it does.

As a media device, it is GREAT. As a productivity tool, I find it somewhat lacking.

Naturally it syncs my iTunes music library, but it is realistically too big a device to carry as a music player. Perhaps docked on the desk or next to the bed… Video is great. The kids have sat at the kitchen counter and streamed Phineas and Ferb off of Netflix. And graphics in the handful of games we’ve tried seem snappy and responsive.

Facebook is Facebook is Facebook. I haven’t tried tweeting on the iPad yet.

I installed the Kindle app, and the experience is very similar to reading on my Motorola Droid – just a bigger page. But I still prefer the reading experience on the Kindle 3. Reading Marvel comics on the iPad was really neat though!

The iPad specific applications I tried were great.

I liked the way the Evernote application looked, but the Springpad app is really good. 

I think my biggest disappointment was the on screen keyboard. Maybe I’ve just been typing on an Android device too long, but I just don’t like the onscreen keyboard. There’s no TAB or directional arrows!! And the auto-correct when typing… I found it more annoying that Android for some reason. Still trying to figure out why I feel that way…

Overall – I really like the iPad. The user experience – as a media device – is fantastic. The apps range from pathetic to great (as with any platform). The hardware is a nice size and weight, and I enjoyed using it sitting on the couch to check my Facebook page, or to Google something really quick. Am I sorry we got it? No way! Is it such a great product I am going to run out and buy a second one for me to use for my personal workflow? Probably not at this point in time.