I purchased the Wacom CTH460 Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet (Factory Refurbished) the other week, and wanted to share my impressions.

So far, I really like the Bamboo.

  • The packaging was great!
  • The product looks beautiful!
  • The drivers installed without any issues!
  • And the product functioned as soon as I plugged it in!

What has been challenging with the tablet for me is the transition from a mouse to a touch pad on the desktop. The fact that the buttons are in a vertical row on the side does not help with the left / right mouse button transition.

The pen however… I am still getting used to that. I haven’t quite got the settings tweaked to where I am comfortable with how it works, though I have used it as a mouse, and I have drawn with it.

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase, and feel comfortable enough with it to say that if you’re looking to try a tablet / pen combination, give the refurbished Wacom Bamboo a go.