Get Your Kindle Highlights Into Microsoft Onenote

I was inspired by Michael Hyatt’s post the other day about getting your highlights from your Kindle into Evernote, so I decided to see if I could accomplish the same thing with Microsoft Onenote, since Onenote is my system of choice.

The good news is, it can be done!

  1. Create your highlights as usual.
  2. Log into your unique Amazon Kindle page. (I was not aware I had a unique Kindle page until I read Michael Hyatt’s post). It should look like this:

  1. Click on “Your Books” on the top of the page. You should now see something similar to this:

  1. Click on the specific book title you want to copy your highlights from. You should get a screen with the book information displayed on top, with your highlights underneath.

  1. From here, you have several options. You can copy and paste the highlights into Onenote, which I recommend if you plan to do anything except read the text. You can use Onenote to do a screen clipping. Or you can print the page to Onenote, using the “Send to Onenote” print driver.


  1. Hi Eric,

    A lot of Kindle users find the notes and highlights feature to be most useful. It’s good that you can export yours to Onenote which is your choice.

    I would also like to share this iOS app that will be released on November 2013 called Snippefy ( Snippefy can also export Kindle notes and highlights to Evernote, Dropbox, and email to name a few. Kindle users also get to read and share their notes and highlights all in one place, making it more accessible.

    I hope you and your readers would find this helpful.

    Thank you


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