I am a Getting Things Done kind of guy. It has improved my life tremendously. And I love to use Microsoft Onenote. And with an Android based phone, there is no app for that.

I tried Evernote. It just didn’t work for me.I tried Springpad. I like it, except it has, for me, some serious drawbacks – like not being able to copy a master checklist to use it multiple times. I have a daily and a weekly checklist I run through, so this is serious for me.So I am sticking with Onenote. But that still left me with a void for an app to capture my data on the Droid.

Note Everything to the rescue! This program has proven to be a wonderful capture device! I capture all my notes, ideas, voice memos, etc. with it, then email them to myself at the end of the day. I then send the notes from Outlook to Onenote for processing and archiving.

The free version allows you to:

  • Create text, voice, or paint notes.
  • Organize notes in folders.
  • Create shortcuts to notes on the home screen
  • Send notes via email or SMS
  • And a whole lot more.

The Pro version expands on this feature set too, and truly rounds out what this program has to offer!

If you need a simple, super functional, method to capture your data on Android, seriously give Note Everything some consideration. Not only does it work, it works well, and it combines the functions of many different apps into a single interface.