I own a MajicJack. I wasn’t real impressed with its performance though, when I tried it 2 years ago, and used a Dell Opitplex 620 to run the service with. So when the year was up, I just unplugged it instead of renewing the service. I had another friend with a similar experience, so I figured I tried it, it was ok, no great loss though. Just last week, I had yet another friend tell me they LOVED MagicJack and had no problems whatsoever with the service.

“Hmmm…”, I said to myself, “Maybe I need to try MajicJack again, and see if I can leverage Google Voice too…” So I pulled the MagicJack out of storage, and hooked it up to Toshiba Satellite L675D laptop. It did a software update, and all I can say is wow – the service is SO much better than I remember. My internet connection hasn’t changed. It’s the same ISP, the same routers, the same handset plugged into it. I’m betting it’s a combination of MagicJack improving their service, and me using a faster beefier PC to host the MagicJack.

So I logged into my Google Voice account, and set up the MajicJack number. Tried a test call… and landed in MagicJacks voice mail! I had forgotten about that. I dug out my notes on how to disable it, and it still went to MagicJack’s voice mail system. What’s up with that? So I did a Google search and found that MagicJack had broken the hack with one of their updates. But PCPhoneSoft has developed a solution to that – the MagicRingForever Plugin. I’m not crazy about having to buy a tool to disable MagicJack’s voice mail, to use the voice mail on Google Voice, but heh, it works, and it still averages out to less than $3 / month for a second phone line.

So if you’re sitting on the fence regarding whether or not you want to get a MagicJack, at this point in time I am comfortable saying “go for it”.