SBSH has just recently released PocketBreeze for Android. When I had an AT&T Tilt, I was a HEAVY user of the Windows Mobile version and LOVED it and have been waiting anxiously for SBSH to port it to the Android platform.

So when I got the announcement, I immediately went to their web site to check it out, and was thoroughly disappointed. It appears the ported application is nothing more than a glorified agenda widget with very little of the functionality I had so loved on the Win-Mo version.

In fact, based on the description of what it does on the web page, I think it is safe to say that it is even LESS functional than the Android Agenda Widget I am currently using. While AAW doesn’t sport a theme center, it DOES let me display my tasks. And to me, the whole point of an agenda view is to see EVERYTHING that is coming up – be it a task or an appointment.

Therefore, in my opinion, do not waste your money on PocketBreeze for Android. At least not until they add some more functionality to it.