My Laserjet 4 finally did, after 3+ years of use. Not bad for a $20 purchase at a yard sale. Is it fixable? Yes. Do I want to fix it? Yes. Can I fix it myself? Yes.

But I don’t have the time right now to rebuild it. So I went shopping and decided to buy a Hewlett Packard CP1025nw color laser printer.

For the price (sub $200) all I can say is WOW! Here are the specs from HP’s web site:

  • Black print speed: Up to 17 ppm
  • Color print speed: Up to 4 ppm
  • Black print resolution: Up to 600×600 dpi
  • Color print resolution: Up to 600×600 dpi
  • Duplex printing: Manual (driver support provided)
  • Print technology: HPImageREt 2400
  • Printer memory: 64 MB DRAM, 4 MB Flash
  • Processor:  400 MHz Custom RISC processor

I’ve had my Hewlett Packard CP1025NW Color Laser Printer for 2 weeks now, and I love it so far. It’s fast, it handles my shipping labels I print without an issue, and the picture quality is good enough for everything I do (including sending copies of cell phone photos of the kids to grandma for her fridge).

The only issue I’ve had with it is with the print driver and Google Chrome. Pages will NOT print correctly directly from Chrome to the printer. They come out mostly black, and what print there is, is distorted. Printing from Internet Explorer, Office 2010, and Adobe Acrobat, is not an issue.

I do miss the multi-purpose tray my LaserJet 4 has. Do I miss printing on my DeskJet 300? A resounding NO! So overall, I gladly give the CP1025nw 2 thumbs up!