After getting a chance to torture test the Pantech Breakout I decided I wasn’t going to keep it, despite it performing better than my original Motorola Droid.

The battery life with 4G enabled wasn’t great, but it wasn’t  horrible either, although with 4G disabled it is much better.

The sound quality through wired headphones was poor. I had hisses and pops and frequently heard “radio” noise! Very disappointing.

The whole camera experience was lacking too. It drove me crazy that the camera would not reset after a photo so I could take multiple pictures. and the lack of flash proved problematic for me too.

I gave my wife the Breakout, and she LOVES it. The big screen with an agenda widget, and the fast speed, and she was sold.

I went back to my original Motorola Droid for a few days, and bought a Motorola Droid X2 off of eBay. I’ll post my opinion of the X2 soon, but let’s just say that I am *MUCH* happier now!

And what about the original Droid? I’m keeping it on the end table next to the bed as a dedicated alarm clock and media player.