Overall I really like the Droid X2! As a phone, it functions really well, and seems to get better cell reception than my original Droid.

As a smartphone, it is significantly faster than the Droid. I have all my “must have” apps loaded, plus a few non-essential games, and the phone is still snappy and responsive.

As a music player, it functions flawlessly for me. My only complaint there is that I still need a 3rd party app  to sync my iTunes music.

The battery life is very good and lasts me all day with typical usage – a phone call or two, a dozen text messages or so, emails and task management all day, Twitter, Facebook, sometimes some Google+,  and some time on the Kindle app or playing a game.

I love the improved GPS related apps, though I am not sure the automotive dock design is an improvement over the original Droid design, as I find I need two hands to insert or remove the X2.

Overall, I give the X2 two thumbs up!