Automatic Backup with Sync Toy 2.1

I have two external 500 gigabyte USB drives I use for local data storage and backup, the F: and G: drives on my system.

I use the F: drive as my primary data drive, and then was letting Windows Backup use the G: drive to store the backup files on. This worked great, but if F: crashed, I could not access the data on G: until I had someplace I could restore it to.

So I decided to simply mirror the data from F: to G:, and was manually using Sync Toy 2.1 to do this – as frequently as once a day, but sometimes as infrequently as once a week, as I would forget to run the sync. Not good. So I decided to find out if Sync Toy could run the data sync automatically.

The good news is it can, and was fairly easy to setup!

First, create the sync pair.

Then launch Windows Scheduled Tasks. Simply type “Scheduled Tasks” into the Run dialog window. Then click on “Create Basic Task” on the right hand side.

Give the scheduled task a meaningful name and description, then click “Next”…

Set the frequency you want…

Then set the desired time and re-occurance, and click “Next”…

Now, we have to set the “Action” desired. Select “Start a Program” and click “Next”…

In the “Program / Script” field, type in “C:\Program Files\SyncToy 2.1\SyncToyCmd.exe”. Then in the “Add Arguments” field, add “-R” for all data sync pairs, or “-R [data sync pair name]” for a specific one. Then click “Next”…

And then finally click “Finish” after reviewing your scheduled Task.


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