I just started to integrate the iPad2 into my daily work flow in a serious way. The good news is that after a week of using it, I think I will be able to successfully replace my Day Runner and paper notes completely. I already used Microsoft OneNote at work and home to capture notes and file things away. So this is really just a natural progression for me as I strive for the paperless office.  With the iPad in front me, I eagerly set out on this adventure!

Syncing my Google and other email accounts was a snap, utilizing the bundled mail application. I was already using Google Tasks, gTasks on the Droid X2, and gSyncit with Outlook to manage my tasks, so I decided to use gTasks on the iPad, so task management was a painless migration. I synced my contacts and calendar with Google as well without any major hassles.

The built in note taking app is good, but I wanted something a little more robust so I began searching for a replacement application. First I tried Noterize, and I really liked it, but I wasn’t happy with my export options. I tried the Microsoft OneNote application, and while it is great for typed notes, and I have it synced to my SkyDrive so I don’t need to worry about exporting my notes to access them on the laptop, it unfortunately is not as full featured as it should or could be (hint hint developers at Microsoft – and while you are at it, give me a OneNote app for Android please!). I then decided to try Notability. What a great application! In fact, I used it to draft this blog post. I am still tempted to try penUltimate…

I also loaded Pulse news reader, which I love on the Droid X2.  And the iPad version does not dissappoint! I highly recommend it!

I naturally loaded the Kindle app. And with the exceptions of magazines, I find the reading experience on the Kindle 3 to still be superior, though if all I had to read on was the iPad I would not cry.  I will readily admit that the iPad may become the platform of choice when reading reference material so I can leverage search and hyperlinks, however.

As I continue to integrate the iPad into my daily work flow I will share my trials, tribulations, and successes in future blog posts.

If anyone has any recommendations on “must have” applications or best practices, please let me know in the comments, or email them to me!