I’ve really made the effort to use the iPad as much as possible the previous week in my daily work flow, and just wanted to share my experiences to date with everyone.
Email is email. I have both my Gmail account set up, and I’ve played around and at first I had my Exchange email configured to use IMAP and it was flawless, but as I wanted to try the Reminders app, I set it up as an Exchange account, and that too Is working flawlessly. My only real question is why does the IMAP and Exchange accounts give me a trash can icon to delete a message, but the Gmail account doesn’t?

The native Reminders application is not as robust as gTasks, so I may still stay with using gTasks on the the Droid X2 and the iPad, and continue leveraging Google Tasks, since I can sync the Google Tasks between all my devices fairly painlessly. Stay tuned as I continue to wrestle over this. And I do have to say I still think the inability of Android to natively handle Exchange Tasks is a major failures on Google’s part.
I am still leveraging OneNote and Notability as the programs of choice for capturing my daily notes and other text input needs. I find I prefer OneNote for capturing work related items since it allows check boxes, etc. plus I have it set up to sync to my SkyDrive which is also synced to my laptop, so notes require no intervention on my part to be available on the laptop.

For longer typing documents I am using Notability and like it so far. And while I don’t have too many problems with the on screen keyboard, I definitely understand why the Bluetooth keyboard market is booming. In fact I plan on looking into getting one myself just for text input, to speed typing up. I also think the Android on screen keyboard is superior to Apple’s but maybe that is only because I have been using it a lot longer and am used to it.
While I am not having issues exporting my notes via emails, the Dropbox sync was giving me some issues and worked sporadically. I’m not sure if it was a weird connectivity issue with the iPad, a Dropbox issue (although I’ve had no issues using Dropbox to bring some .PDF files over to the iPad), or an issue with Notability, so I will continue to monitor this for another week or so.

One place Android really shines a lot brighter is with the widgets, and this is probably my greatest (and honestly only real) disappointment with the iPad. If I could have a widget displaying my calendar and tasks in one place, on the iPad, like I can on Android, that would be killer. Hint hint Apple!

The WordPress app for the iPad really disappointed me too! I was excited to try it on the iPad, as I hoped that if the Android app was as good as it was, even if the iPad offered no additional features, it would still be great on the bigger screen. I was sadly disappointed, so I will continue to use Notability to type my blog posts on the go for now, if I am using the iPad.

So has the iPad improved my daily work flow? Somewhat, but not as much as I had hoped, but I think it is only because I am still learning how to best integrate it and what apps work best for me. Has it reduced the number of paper based notes I generate? Yes, it has. I also find I am using the smartphone less and less as the week progressed, and picking up the iPad instead. Am I hopeful to have everything worked out and flowing smoothly in the next week or two? Yes, I do, and I’ll post another update once I get there.