It was only a few weeks ago I posted how I wished Microsoft would give me a OneNote app for my Android devices. It sure seems that the adage “ask and you’ll receive” is alive and well.

Installation was quick and painless. Logging into my SkyDrive account and syncing my notebooks was easy as well. I also had no issues with the initial syncing of my notes between the Droid X2, the iPad,  and my desktop PC.

HOWEVER there are some issues that are annoying. While OneNote for Android will let me insert a photo into a note, I could not paste text from another application. Nor could I copy the note to paste into another application.  I was also really surprised that unlike the iPad app, I couldn’t email the note.

The last problem I encountered was with numbered bullet points. I had created a test note with check boxes, bullets, and numbered bullets. I then synced that note to my SkyDrive and opened it on the iPad application. While my check boxes and bullets were intact, the numbered bullets were gone.

I hope Microsoft fixes these issues because the only reason to recommend the Android OneNote application at this point is so you can enjoy the sync to your existing notebooks.