It has been long enough I can say I am glad I decided to integrate the iPad2 into my workflow. However, I use it almost exclusively for my personal items, side jobs, etc, since “work” is fairly well sandboxed on the corporate laptop and VPN connection at this point in time.

I really enjoy the convenience of using the Microsoft OneNote app to capture my daily notes and having them sync to both my Android phone and my laptop.

Task management is still the one place I would like to see improve. With my Droid X2 I use a desktop widget to give me a daily view of my calendar and tasks due on the current day. And I love being able to see everything at a glance (I loved PocketBreeze on my old Windows Mobile phone). But I have to still find an app I like that will show me both my Google calendar and Tasks in the same view on the iPad.

The only other place I wish to improve significantly is the keyboarding experience.  It’s my opinion that the Android on-screen keyboard is a better user experience for inputting a lot of text. So much so, that I have even toyed with the idea of buying an Android tablet now that Android 4 is being released. However, since I can’t afford to invest in a second tablet at the moment, I’ve begun the search for a Bluetooth keyboard to use, as well as an iPad stand for use at the desk.

But overall I have to say the iPad is a tremendous device. I use it for almost all my email now. I manage my tasks on it, as well as my calendar. I use it to take 80 or 85% of my mobile note taking needs,  and use it for 100% of my not so mobile note taking.

As far as using it as an ereader, it really just depends. I still prefer my Kindle 3 for heavy duty reading. The Kindle 3 is just lighter, easier to hold, and easier on my eyes. Although I do like reading magazines and .PDF files on the larger tablet screen.

So overall I still give the iPad2 two thumbs up, yet after having used it for a few weeks, I do have to admit that one of the higher end Android tablets may have been just as good for the way I am leveraging the technology. And who knows, I still may just try an Android tablet.