I apologize for not posting a blog entry last Monday, but I was out of town, and immersed in a wedding and extended family. If you are in Gatlinburg, TN and looking for an awesome bed and breakfast, seriously consider the Eight Gables. The facilities are great, the staff awesome, and it is… Well, let’s just say both my wife and I didn’t want to leave, as we felt that at home there. With that said, I was planning on a post about DST, but since that bird has flown by the time you read this, we’ll move on to my next topic – standing desks.

I’m seriously considering rearranging my office, and adding a standing desk. Not only to increase my work surface, and increase my productivity, but also for the added health benefits. My day has become very sedentary these last few months, so I am hoping that if I add the standing desk and a wireless headset, I will naturally pace around the office, getting in some otherwise unattainable exercise.

You can only imagine my surprise when I discovered that standing desks involve $ERIOU$ amounts of ca$h! Something in short supply here at the Stone homestead. So I am oscillating between buying two kitchen counter base units and a slab of countertop, building a custom desk, or ordering an industrial duty workbench with a laminate top and adjustable height legs. The way pricing is stacking up for raw materials, I am leaning towards the workbench, as they are available in a range of depths, widths, and bench top materials, from stainless steel to maple butcher block to an industrial duty ESD top. And having worked at Samsung doing board level repairs a long time ago, I can say that paired with the right stool / chair, the workbenches are quite comfortable to work at.