More and more, I see my clients using Team Viewer in their network environments for in house support use.

The  feature set is impressive. The application itself is fairly non-intrusive. There are web, iPad / iPhone, and Android apps avaIlable too. And for personal use, it’s free!

I was looking for a free, cheap, fool proof solution to use to set up  for use with my inlaws computer, so I wouldn’t have to go over to their house, to resolve the various issues they ask me for help with. I also needed a remote connection solution for myself, as I was setting up a pc I rebuilt as a media server, but it is only running Windows 7 Home.

So I decided to install it and see how well it works.

Wow! It is painless to install, and fast. Even over a 3G connection on my Motorola droid X2, I was impressed by the speed and  how smoothly it worked! Also, the Apple and Android apps work very similarly, and are very intuitive to use as well.

If you need a low cost, effective, solution, I give Team Viewer two thumbs up!