I have to confess I am a technology junkie. I love personal high tech gadgets, widgets, and toys. I started my love affair with personal technology with a HandSpring PDA.

But is the investment into personal technology worth it? Somedays I can answer that with a resounding “yes!”, but then on other days, I have to admit that there is no measurable benefit had.

Those days when I am waiting at a doctor’s office, or other places where I am “stuck” waiting, personal technology can be a real boost and turn otherwise lost time into productive time. And if I am traveling, I find my personal technology indispensable.

However, for the normal day to day grind, I have to readily admit that personal technology is not as great a productivity booster as it could be. In fact, for most things that I absolutely have to do or track, a paper based planner is just as functional!

So what is it that compels me to slavishly submit myself to the beeps, bloops, and buzzes of technology? Besides having a serious nerdy streak,  that is… It boils down to two things. Status in Nerdville is the first. I mean, how can people take me seriously on weighty tech issues if I don’t personally use the technologies I work with and talk about?

The second is preference. I would rather carry around a small smart phone or a tablet, and have access to not just my stuff, but the world, versus a bulky paper planner.

And while I am confessing, I fight the urge to latch onto every new technological improvement,  no matter how much nerd cred it gives me. Do I really need the smart phone with a quad core CPU? No, my dual core still processes my misspelt tweets with plenty of CPU cycles to spare. Do I need a phone with 4G connectivity?  Not really, since there is still no 4G service where I spend 75% of my time. Do I need a tablet that offers twice the video resolution I have now, when my primary use of the tablet is for email and task management? But it is so tempting and so easy to justify and rationalize.

Do you master technology or are you a technology junkie looking for your next tech fix?

(I have to add, I typed this blog post sitting in a waiting room… +1 for personal technology)