I am really getting comfortable with using the iPad as a productivity tool. I read and respond to 90% of my email on the iPad, with the remaining 10% split fairly evenly between the laptop and the smartphone. I do almost 100% of non-work related web browsing now on the iPad. And with the addition of QuickOffice, I am doing a lot more document creation on the iPad, especially now that I am leveraging the bluetooth keyboard as well. Speaking of which, even though it’s a cheap generic keyboard I bought off of eBay, it is a huge improvement for text entry on the iPad. I don’t know why, but I still find the Apple onscreen keyboard to be difficult to use for extended periods of typing.

I also use the iPad as my RSS newsreader, and for eBay, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, the occasional game of Reversi, or Angry Birds, and as the ultimate reference book, linking it to my Kindle account. Don’t get me wrong, I *LOVE* reading on my Kindle 3 and it is the device I go to when I am doing serious reding, however, I find the iPad works better for viewing magazines, and .PDF files.

Naturally, I listen to my iTunes music on the iPad, and stream Pandora Radio as well. And I also watch a lot of Netflix on the iPad. Plug in the headphones, and watch what I want, while my wife is watching her TV show.

One of the few things I still use the laptop exclusively for is mind mapping. I’ll be honest, I like and use Free Mind on the laptop. But I also use Mind Meister, which is web based, and wouldn’t mind trying their iPad app if it wasn’t for the price point to try it.

What do you do with your iPad?