By now, you’ve probably heard of the Verizon “Share Everything” plan.

My oldest son dropped off my family plan in early June, leaving just myself and my other son on the family share 700 minute plan, with a grandfathered unlimited data plan on each phone, and my wife on an unlimited talk plan with another grandfathered unlimited data plan.

But I was still paying out $250+ a month, even with my employer discount, so I thought I’d do some investigating to see if I couldn’t get it even lower.

I analyzed the data usage for the year, and was really surprised to find that on average none of us was using over a Gigabyte of data. In fact, digging even deeper in my data usage history, I only exceeded 2 Gigabytes one month, and that was when my wife was in the hospital for two weeks and I was using my phone non stop while I was there with her.

So I migrated all three lines to a “Share Everything” plan with 4 Gigabytes of data, and dropped my bill to $175 a month. Still more than I want to pay, but I am not going to complain about a 30% savings!

Do the math – you might be pleasantly surprised!