I pre-ordered a Google Nexus 7 tablet, with 16 Gigs. You might be asking why, if I already use an iPad, and that would be a fair question.

My biggest complaint with the iPad is the weight. More than once when I was really into using it, I felt my thumb starting to fatigue from holding it. I have held an Acer Iconia and an Amazon Kindle, and the 7″ form factor just seemed to be the sweet spot in screen size, and weight, to me. Plus EVERYTHING that I currently do on the iPad, I can do on Android – email, calendar, tasks (I love gTasks by the way), note taking using OneNote, the occasional blog entry, news reading, music, and web surfing. While the iPad seems to have the various special market application niches wrapped up, for my day to day carry-the-tablet-instead-of-a-laptop productivity apps, Android works just as well.

And if I can increase my use of the tablet, by decreasing the size and weight (I also think I would be more apt to take the tablet more places, if it was smaller), I believe the purchase is well justified. I can’t wait to get my unit. And if it doesn’t work out as I hope, my daughter might be getting an early Christmas present…