The Weekly Review

I was hoping to blog about my experience opening the box and using my  Google Nexus 7, however it hasn’t arrived yet, but maybe next week.

So I decided to share my experiences with productivity this month so far. If you know me, or have read anything I’ve posted on the subject, you know I am a fan of the Getting Things Done methodology.

I was gradually losing ground, things were falling through the cracks, projects were stalling, and I was feeling like I was doing nothing but chasing my tail every week.

When I realized that I was working harder and not smarter, I looked long and hard at what I was doing and realized I had stopped the weekly review (as well as the monthly and quarterly reviews).

So it was with renewed vim and vigor that I made a serious effort to accomplish the weekly review. And while I didn’t get 100% of everything on my review checklist accomplished as I had a huge backlog to clear, I feel that what I did get accomplished was awesomely productive!



One comment

  1. Eric, I have a long list too. I tend to keep repeating my to-do’s and moving them back on the list. I am encouraged to know that another professional has forged a way to Get Things Done!

    Susan Garland

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