I bought a Plantronics M25 Bluetooth Headset

I was in need of a new bluetooth headset for my cell phone, and I hate shopping for headsets. Looking at them in their retail packaging, I can never decide how comfortable the ear piece is going to be, or how well they actually work. And I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I might not like, so I figured I’d go to Walmart and see what they had in stock.

I ended up purchasing the Plantronics M25 Bluetooth Headset, as I trusted the Plantronics brand, and there was a guy in the same isle as me using the same model and loving it. I was still somewhat apprehensive though as the ear piece is admittedly funky looking, yet it turned out to be surprisingly comfortable. Performance is great. The volume is loud enough that I can actually hear my music and calls on it. The noise cancelling microphone works great, and I tested it by using the headset while driving, then parking, walking into a mini-mart,  and grabbing a coke from the cooler, while carrying on a conversation. Battery life is GREAT, and I love the fact that when I turn the unit on, it actually tells me how much time I have left.

All in all, I am happy with my purchase, and can confidently recommend this unit, if you are looking for a solid, low cost bluetooth headset.



  1. Are you still satisfyed with it? What do people say about the speaking quality when its blowing outside while your walking or driving with the window open? 🙂

    • I am still very pleased with this unit. I have had no complaints of wind noise except one time when I had both windows open on my truck and I was going 65mph down the interstate. And I’ve had no issues hearing others, even when I’m standing in the checkout line at Walmart on a Friday night. I also use it extensively when I’m doing yard work, to listen to audio books.

      Hope this helps…

  2. Yes that helps! I am now just thinking if I should buy a cheap ok headset like this or go for the jawbone era tha´’s really expensive!! And doesn’rt have that batterytime… Do you have any experience of jawbone??

  3. I got a m25 today as a gift. Im 20 and this is my first bluetooth headset like it. I wanted it for calls and music and i really like it :). Battery seems to be really good and would recomend it

  4. I just got mine in the mail yesterday and it works great, I agree with everything above. The only thing that I am wondering is if I have it in my ear correctly? The way that the instruction manual reads makes it sound like you put the clear loop inside of your ear, but that cant be right…Right? So the way I have it in my ear, is the round piece where the sound comes from sits in my ear and the clear round thingy goes kind of up and back, but flat on the external part of my ear. Is this right? Yes, I am blonde.

  5. What about its range? Some people complaint that it does not work even beyond 4 feet! Is it right?

  6. I just received the M25 as a gift, and so far I’m very pleased. At first i was a bit apprehensive because of the way it looked, but I was surprised at how comfortable it fits into my ear. I can jump up and down with my head tilted, and it doesnt move. My only complaint is the range is a bit weak. If I go to the other end of my office, the sound starts getting distorted.

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