I won’t bore you with a detailed unboxing of the Google Nexus 7, as that has been covered in great detail by others out in the blogosphere already. Rather, I am going to give you my first impressions as I have been using it as a daily productivity tool instead of the iPad2 for the last week plus.

The size and weight: It’s about the perfect size for my hand and the eye! The screen is large enough to be seen, and yet I can easily hold it in a portrait orientation without straining my hand wide open. And because of the weight, holding the Nexus 7 in a landscape orientation is MUCH easier on the hand. I often found my thumb becoming fatigued from holding the iPad2 in one hand, and was one of the biggest complaints I had with the iPad2.

Battery life: WOW! Using the tablet as my calendar, to do list, and email client, I got over 48 hours of use out of it before I had to plug it in to charge it. Granted, I wasn’t playing games, streaming music or videos, or anything else that was processor or bandwidth intensive, but that is still mighty impressive!

Bluetooth: I had absolutely zero issues pairing my new Plantronics M25 headset, or the cheap bluetooth keyboard I had bought for the iPad.

Music playback: Not too shabby on the built in speaker. But I am not impressed by the headphone jack. Sound quality wasn’t quite as sharp as I was used to getting on the Droid X2 with the same pair of ear buds. I’ll have to see how it sounds once I hook it up to the surround sound system, or can stream to a good set of bluetooth speakers.

I was surprised that when I loaded my apps on, Microsoft OneNote was the only application that had a problem. Dato gTasks, Pure Calendar Agenda Widget, QuickOffice, WordPress, Amazon Kindle, Amazon app store, Amazon MP3, Netflix, Angry Birds, Where’s My Perry, Note Everything, and a few others all worked 100% AOK. Microsoft has posted online they are aware of the issue with OneNote and are working on fixing it. And naturally, the integration of the native Google apps is fantastic. I have had no issues with Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, the Play Store, Google Music, etc.

So overall, I am EXTREMELY pleased with my Google Nexus 7 tablet, and give it two thumbs up! In fact, with the (temporary) exception of Microsoft OneNote, I can do everything on the Nexus that I was doing on the iPad. And given the smaller size, I find I am actually using it more, as I am carrying it around, instead of relegating it to the desk or coffee table like the iPad2.