I love my Google Nexus 7. But as of the time I am writing this, I am sad that Microsoft OneNote is still broken on Jellybean, as I use OneNote heavily at work and at home.

So I set out to find something I can use as a note capturing tool in the meantime, until Microsoft fixes their code. Springpad came to mind, but I wasn’t crazy about it last time I tried it, although it does hold a certain appeal as it is feels a lot like OneNote to me. Evernote came to mind next, but I wasn’t looking to replace OneNote as I have several years worth of data in OneNote. Although if OneNote stays broken for a while, I may make the move to Evernote as I did contemplate that before, but really just didn’t want to invest the time and energy into learning a new system. Perhaps at year end I will reconsider Evernote, and keep OneNote for historical data, and use Evernote for 2013 and forward. I thought about using Note Everything to capture my ideas and notes, but decided to do a quick search and see what else was available. And that was when I found NoteSync. I love this program. It’s super simple, making note entry quick and painless. And it syncs my notes automatically to my Google Drive, so I can process my notes when I get back to my desk, without first having to worry about getting my notes off my mobile devices. Sure it doesn’t do pictures or sketches, and it’s not as feature laden as Evernote or Note Everything. But I’ll be honest – I almost never add sketches to my notes from a mobile device. And if I need to add a picture to my notes for now, until OneNote is fixed, I’ll simply email the picture and corresponding notes to myself from my mobile device.

If you’re looking for a super simple, efficient, note capture tool, give NoteSync a look.