Microsoft has fixed the OneNote application so it runs on Android 4.1, and I have decided that I will keep OneNote as my primary note taking and reference tool. But I tried. I really really tried to love Evernote. It is a fantastic program. I truly feel it is much easier to capture more information and it get into Evernote, than it is with OneNote, from the web or my Android devices. But Evernote just doesn’t “fit” me. I keep fighting the the whole Evernote Notebook Stack / Notebooks / Notes organizational structure. The Microsoft Notebook / Sections / Notes structure just mimics my physical filing cabinet, and my DayRunner so much better.

Yes, I still use my DayRunner to capture some of my daily notes and ideas as I find at times pen and paper just work better (and I confess I am a doodler at heart too). And I also use it as a central location to store papers I need to reference during the week.

It didn’t hurt my decision that I also have 4 years of data in OneNote. And I can also safely say that I prefer the OneNote mobile interface – it is a lot easier on the eyes in my opinion. Plus it doesn’t appear as cluttered. Another big plus for OneNote is that I can print from an application directly to OneNote vs having to print as a .PDF then bring that into Evernote, which is huge for my work flow.