With everything going on, I found I needed to simply my life. And one way I’ve done this is to create day specific chore lists for my children. They love it as it gives them clearly defined responsibilities and goals for the day, without having to second guess my wife or I, and we don’t set them up for failure by assuming they will remember what to do. All in all, the system works well. Then with school starting, I tweaked the system slightly, and added school specific items to be done (lunch box to kitchen after school, lay out clothes to wear the night before), and I even added a “menu” for breakfast, so they could tell me the night before what they wanted, and I could have it laid out and waiting to go by the time they got out of bed in the morning.

Even with the recent school specific additions, the chore lists are fairly static. And as I had been printing them daily for too long, I knew there had to be a way to improve the entire process of printing of the chore list. And so I began my quest for improved productivity. The first thing I did was combine all of the day specific lists into a single weekly document. I then also added the daily breakfast menu document to the mix. And this was great as far as it went, but it would still require me to manually print the file once a week. I could do better. I had to do better.  And so the search for productivity nirvana continued, as I knew deep in my heart that there had to be a way to create a batch file to print the CHORES.DOCX file from a command line, and on a schedule.

Google is my friend. I found a blog post from Chris Towles, and it had the command line switches I was looking for! After tweaking them to my specific file structure, the command lines I am using in my .BAT file are:

cd C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14
winword “c:\chores\chores.docx” /q /n /mFilePrintDefault /mFileCloseOrExit

And they work exceptionally well!

My next step was to simply use the Windows Tasks Scheduler to run my .BAT file every Sunday morning! Productivity nirvana with the chore list finally!