The Importance of the Weekly Review

Labor Day weekend, I had left town to go to Franklin TN with my family, as my daughter was competing in her first pageant (the National American Miss pageant for the state of TN). I didn’t plan ahead and block time out for the weekly review prior to my leaving, as I assumed I would have some down time at the hotel when I could do the review. Boy was I sadly mistaken!

Needless to say, I didn’t have enough down time I could devote to my review and was able to only perform the bare essentials. I said to myself, “that’s OK, I’ve gotten through the minimum to say I did the review, and I’ll do a complete and thorough review next week…”

And as I struggled through the next week I had to admit my difficulties with missing next actions, schedule conflicts, and a generally cluttered feeling to not just my desk, but my entire week in general, was due to my lack of preparation on the last weekly review. It absolutely boggles my mind what a difference that extra time devoted to a formal weekly review makes! I hope to not repeat that mistake again!


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