As I stated in my last post, I was in Franklin, TN for Labor Day weekend. I did not bring a laptop with me, just my cell phone and my Nexus 7, as I wanted to see how well the Nexus 7 was going to work on the road.

I didn’t connect to the hotel Wi-Fi, as they wanted $9.95 per day per device. Instead I just opted to use a mobile hotpot on the cell phone. And there was my only real issue of the trip. I just could not get the Nexus 7 to connect to my Droid X2 for some reason. It worked fine when I tested it at home. But it would not connect to my cell! However, it connected without issue to the mobile hotspot on my wife’s phone, which worked out better anyway since her phone has 4g coverage.

Everything I normally use the Nexus 7 for I was able to do without issue across the hotspot, while at the hotel. Email, web surfing, posting updates to Facebook, adding / editing events on my calendar, etc. The one place the tablet really shined, as opposed to just using the cell phone, or lugging the laptop around, was with Microsoft Onenote. It was so nice to have the pageant specific information I needed in a note, and to be able to access those notes on the go. Yes I could have done the same with the iPad, but everyone I’ve let use the Nexus 7 has said the same thing to me, basically, “I so want one of these, it is SO much easier to hold than an iPad”.

The one place I have to admit I found the Nexus 7 lacking, that ha had an immediate impact on me, is with the missing rear camera. It was not a show stopper by far, as I really only wanted to use the camera to take a picture of some paperwork, so I could save it in Onenote, and reference it (since I didn’t have a scanner at the hotel). So I just used my phone take the picture, added it to Onenote on the phone, then synchronized my notes so I had it on the Nexus 7. Effective, but it added steps to the process, and used data on my data plan.

Did I miss my laptop? No, I am actually glad I didn’t have to lug it around. Was I just as productive with the Nexus 7, as opposed to the iPad or the laptop? Yes, I was just as productive as the iPad, and more productive than if I had the laptop! If I was generating a lot of content, the situation would probably have been different and the tablets would not have been as useful. However, as I was primarily consuming data and media, the tablet was much more effective. And I still feel the 7″ form factor of the Nexus 7 gives it an edge over the larger and heavier iPad, as I carry the Nexus 7 with me in a lot more places than I did the iPad.