I love OneNote, and use it daily, both professionally and personally. However, before Microsoft released the Android client, I used Note Everything on my oiginal Droid, and my Droid X2. Maybe I have too many apps loaded on my phone, but lately, I have been frustrated by the time it takes OneNote to open on my Droid X2 (seriously Microsoft – why the splash screen EVERY time I open the app to create a new note), and found myself longing for a simpler, faster way to capture notes, both typed and spoken.

Suddenly in a classic “I could have had a V8” moment of insight I remembered Note Everything. So I downloaded it from the Play Store, and placed one of the small widgets on my home screen to give me nearly instant typed or spoken note taking capability.

Yes, it does introduce an extra step into my review process as I have to make sure I get my notes off my phone and into my in-box so they can be processed (as opposed to OneNote where I was saving and syncing via SkyDrive the notes into the notebook I use as my in-box for printouts, screen clippings, etc). However, I think this is more than offset by the improved speed in taking notes, and has resulted in far fewer lost thoughts.