I apologize for the late blog post, but between family and friends dealing with Hurricane Sandy, a new product going into pilot at work, and my own stuff on the home front, I just couldn’t do it all as fast as I wanted too. So I’ve been using Windows 8 going on week number two, and I have to admit it is growing on me. I’ve got Hyper-V set up and running, and have not only my Windows XP and Windows 7 test platforms up an running, I also built a virtual machine running Windows 8. And I’m getting used to the Start page as opposed to a start button on a PC, although I am not sure I like it as it feels like it adds a step or three sometimes. At this point I have to stand by my initial impression, and that is that there is no compelling reason a far as I can tell to migrate off of Windows 7, if you don’t need to. Although I do have to admit I am curious what the Windows 8 experience is like on a tablet device.