I love the iPad2. And I love the Nexus 7.

The iPad with its bigger screen is better for consuming media, and sharing documents with others. And maybe it’s just personal bias, but I think the iPad just sounds better when playing music back, whether that’s through a pair of headphones, or the stereo system.

I love the Nexus 7 for its size, long battery life, and the increase in productivity I enjoy because I carry it with me and use it in a lot of places I wouldn’t carry the iPad.

The one area I still struggle with greatly on the tablets, and keep going back to the laptop for, is media rich documents, and spreadsheets. Don’t get me wrong, I can and do create simple spreadsheets on the tablets. Yet I find it much easier on a laptop for some reason if there are numerous formulas. And for whatever reason, I also find myself challenged when it comes to formatting the cells on the tablets. I also find it much easier to create my PowerPoint’s on a laptop or desktop system than I do a tablet.

Otherwise I use the tablets almost exclusively for all of my personal computing needs – emails, calendar, tasks, managing my eBay auctions, etc. etc.

And I still prefer to read ebooks on my Kindle 3, as I find it less distracting. Although that is a preference, as the Kindle app on either tablet works wonderfully, and is better for .PDF’s, magazines, and reference books in my opinion.