I just can’t seem to get away from Evernote on Android. I love OneNote on the PC, and printing notes, and capturing screen snippets suffice for my data capture needs. And I love using OneNote as the reference system of choice on all of my devices. Unfortunately on my Android devices and I find OneNote to be of increasingly limited use when it comes to data capture. I just find Evernote is just so much easier to use to capture tweets, URLs, images, etc. on the tablet, and on the phone I’ve found Evernote to just be faster at loading when creating a new note. And the home screen widget Evernote has really really helps speed up note capture when I need to record the latest $64,000 idea I just had pop into my head. So I think I may have to further explore using a dual system. Microsoft OneNote as my trusted filing system, and Evernote for data capture on my mobile devices. Not an ideal situation, but certainly a workable one, and hopefully one that will lead to improved productivity.