One of the areas of productivity I struggle with surrounds my wife and children’s productivity – as in their lack of, impacts mine! So in an effort to make things better, I implemented Cozi.


At first glance, I was really intrigued by Cozi, and the positive reviews I had read about it. Enough to go all out and sign up for the $5.00 per month “Gold” membership, and install Cozi’s app on all of the smart phones and tablets, as well as changing everyone’s home page on the family computer to Cozi. I figured if I was going to embrace the tool, I’d embrace it fully!

On the web version of Cozi, there is a family message center. This is great I thought. Until I realized the Android app didn’t display the message center. Strike 1.

But what pushed me over the edge and convinced me to stop using Cozi, was the calendar. There was no way to dynamically export the Cozi calendar to my Google calendar, or manipulate events created in my Google calendar once they were in Cozi. And managing multiple calendars was not going to work well. But what really really got me, was I deleted the link to my Google Calendar and later re-linked it, and instead of re-syncing events from Google, it displayed events from my current Google Calendar, as well as events that were no longer present on the current calendar, but were there the first time I linked Cozi to Goggle. And for the life of me I could not delete the now non-existent events! Strike 3!! I cancelled my account.The calendar was easy enough to use. The display can use some help however. I found it very distracting when looking at the calendar on my Android devices, as the appointments that were at the top of the hour did not display any minutes, so the colored balls indicating who the appoint was creating a zig zag pattern down my screen. Strike 2.

Adding tasks and assigning them to specific individuals was easy enough to do, although before my frustration with the calendar set in, I never was able to devote enough time to quite figure out how to successfully create recurring tasks. In fact, I don’t even know if you can create recurring tasks in Cozi.

Apparently, Cozi works awesomely for some people. And that’s great, as it does fill a specific niche in the productivity spectrum. But for me, it was unfortunately a productivity drain. Maybe I’ll revisit Cozi if they continue to improve and iron out some of the kinks they still have in the product. But for now, I’m back to Google Calendar, Tasks, and printed chore lists posted on the fridge for the children.