The more I use Windows 8 the more I like it.

I haven’t run benchmarks but the PC that I installed Windows 8 on seems slightly faster than it did with Windows 7. I know “feel” is a highly subjective standard to measure by, though after running Windows 7 on the same hardware for 6 months prior does give me what I consider to be a good basis to make that statement.

I haven’t run across any applications that I normally use, that won’t run on Windows 8 yet either, although I’ll be honest, outside of Microsoft Office, Evernote, Google Chrome, and iTunes, the list of apps I use daily is awfully small.

I love Storage Spaces. I have two 500 Gigabyte USB drives that I use as my data drives. Under Windows 7, I was using Sync Toy via a scheduled event once a night, to keep the two drives mirrored. Storage Spaces is so much better. It took literally minutes to set up. Now both drives are still in sync and my data is still online even if one drive goes down. And one did recently. I was moving things and accidentally caught one of that cables that was hanging down behind the desk and one drive went offline. Storage Spaces alerted me that there was an issue and identified the drive for me. I then corrected the issue and Storage Spaces began to re-sync the data automatically.

I am slightly annoyed that as of the other week Hewlett Packard still has no official driver for my printer – a LaserJet CP1025NW.

And there are times when the default actions seem much more appropriate for a tablet with a touch screen, instead of a PC with a mouse and as keyboard. One would think Microsoft would have programmed in enough smarts so that the OS would know.

Overall, I enjoy Windows 8, and am glad I installed it. I still think that for the average non-power user, there is no compelling reason to upgrade from Windows 7. The flip side of that though is, Windows 8 is the future for Microsoft, so you might as well embrace it if and when you can.