evernoteIt’s time for me to admit that have gone from being a OneNote only diehard, to an Evernote fan. I’ll understand if you feel the need to queue the screaming women, crying children, and apocalyptic prophets.

I still use Microsoft OneNote exclusively at work. I have five years worth of note taking there, comprising almost 5 gigabytes of data, in 100 plus notebooks, and  tens of thousands of individual notes. However, for my personal life, OneNote was leveraged much less, perhaps two dozen notebooks, with less than 300 unique notes. Yes, my personal life is much simpler than my work life LOL!!

And the process of becoming a true Evernote fan was a gradual process. There are still things OneNote does better that I really enjoy about it. Besides the fantastic keyword searching, there is the ability to print directly intoOnenote OneNote via a print driver, and the whole notebook – group – section  – note – sub note thing. I get the notebook stack thing in Evernote, and for my personal use it is adequate.

What eventually led me over to using Evernote as my personal system was my increased use of mobile technology as my primary technological platform for my personal computing needs, and not as a supplement to the Toshiba laptop. And as I leveraged my phone and my tablet more and more and more, I noticed the shortcomings of OneNote on iOS and Android more and more and more.  What initially impressed me with Evernote was the relative ease and speed I was able to capture ideas, thoughts, and to-do items. And it was the ease of getting web clippings, tweets, and other materials into Evernote that led to me using it more and more, until I reached the point that I could no longer justify from a productivity stand point, maintaining two note taking systems.

Since it was so painstakingly simple to import my OneNote notes into Evernote, I decided to make the jump and go Evernote only for all of my personal needs. And so far, I have been pleased with my decision.