I gave my son my Nexus 7 to use at school, so I’m using the iPad2 again as my main productivity tool, and thought I’d take this opportunity to highlight and contrast what I still like about each platform.

Screen size: The iPad2’s larger screen is better for consuming media, and reviewing documents. However, the 7″ screen of the Nexus 7 is more convenient to carry around.

Weight: The Nexus 7 wins here, although it is possible to develop “thumb fatigue” even with the Nexus’s lesser weight.

Music: Perhaps it was just my Nexus 7, but to me the iPad has better sound – both through the integral speakers and the headphone jack.

Keyboard: While it is easier to type on the iPad2’s larger on screen keyboard, I really like the Android keyboard layout and swype typing.

Applications: Everything I use, is available on both platforms, so I’ll call this a draw, with one exception. And that is Android’s ability to use widgets. I do prefer the Nexus 7 here as I am able to use a calendar widget on my home screen to display my daily tasks and appointments.

Performance: I’m sure the Nexus 7 technically out performs the iPad2, with it’s quad core CPU but I sure can’t tell the difference with the applications I use.

Battery life: Both devices offer me more than adequate battery life for a typical day of use.

Price: Hands down, Google wins here with the $199 price point, even when compared to the iPad Mini. However, if we look at the Nexus 10, this advantage starts to disappear.

So which one do I like better, overall? While it’s my opinion that you couldn’t go wrong choosing either platform, for me, the Nexus 7 edges out the iPad, on weight and the home screen widgets. However, I would love to try an iPad Mini and compare it to the Nexus 7. Anyone want to donate a Mini?