It has been a few weeks since I’ve converted my personal life over from OneNote to Evernote, and also since I’ve gone from the Google Nexus 7 back to the iPad 2.

I do miss Evernote’s Android widget, and Android’s tighter “share” integration (I find myself emailing a lot more to my Evernote account when I’m on the iPad vs simply hitting “share” and choosing Evernote), but overall Evernote is as productive for me on either tablet. I’m also getting more familiar with all of Evernote’s features, and recently shared my first notebook, as well set up a folder to automatically import scanned documents, since I currently don’t have an Evernote friendly Fujitsu SnapScan scanners. Right now I’m scanning my documents using a Hewlett Packard F300 multifunction device, saving the scanned images as .PDF’s, and having Evernote automatically import them.

I am also enjoying PenUltimate and Skitch, and their Evernote integration. That is just simple awesomeness in my opinion!

Overall, I’m still happy with my decision to “go green” and switch to Evernote. And with the recent update adding improved .PDF viewing, I am missing OneNote less and less. Now, if Evernote would only add a Windows print driver…