I’ve made a few interesting observations about myself and productivity since going back to the iPad full time. I am more productive with regards to typing on the iPad, despite liking the Android keyboard better. The larger keys are better for my short fat fingers! I am equally productive with Evernote on either iOS or Android, and every other application for the most part (although the native Android gmail application is better than the iOS version).

The one spot where I am finding the iPad lacking – for me – is task management. Despite having my task list on the iPad, not readily seeing an agenda view of both my day and the tasks that are due, has really been detrimental to me. I find myself letting tasks slip more frequently than I care to admit! This is where Android with it’s ability to use widgets really shines for me!

Maybe I need to revisit the Apple App Store and search through and see if anyone has an app yet that will congregate my Google Calendars and my Google Task lists, into an agenda view. If not, I may become a two tablet kind of guy again, and relegate they iPad to the coffee table, and use the Android tablet as my digital Day Runner again.