moko-ipad-caseI wrote about the Moko case for the Nexus 7 a few weeks ago (here), and was thoroughly impressed enough with the case, that I decided I wanted one for my iPad 2.

So I eagerly ordered one from Amazon, and it arrived earlier this week. It is so much better than the generic cover I was using. And it is of the same high quality, fit, and function as the case on my Nexus.


Just as with the Nexus version, the case fits the iPad snuggly, but not so tight you can’t remove it easily if you needed to.

The hand strap is useful. Actually, I found it to be much more useful than the strap on the Nexus 7, likely due to the iPad’s greater size and weight.

Overall, I am extremely happy with this case on the iPad as well – its fit, finish, looks, and functionality are of all high quality, and I can recommend this case with confidence.