I was recently in need to create two temporary door signs, and I had a few interesting criteria.

  • They needed to look “professional”.
  • They needed to be larger than 8.5″ x 11″.
  • They needed to be in color.
  • They needed to be durable.
  • They needed to be thick so you couldn’t see through them when mounted on the glass door.
  • They needed to be printed and displayed on the door in 2 days.
  • And they needed to be inexpensive since they were temporary.

Obviously, I could create and lay out the sign myself, using Microsoft Word, and I own a Hewlett Packard CP1025 color Laserjet. However, I was limited by the paper size it could handle, as well as they type of stock I could feed through the printer. So I kept asking myself how can I accomplish what I needed to do?

Then in a stroke of inspiration, I came up with my solution! I laid out my signs in Microsoft Word, just as I was planning on doing. Then I converted the signs to the .JPG format, using the online format converter Zamzar. Once I had my signs as images, I uploaded them to Walgreens photo center, and printed my “photos” as 4″ x 6″ photos to proof them. Once I was happy with the layout and satisfied how they looked, I went and printed them as 11″ x 14″ posters. Total investment, including my “proofs” was less than $25.00!

And the results are fantastic! The signs look professional, are extremely durable, and have survived being mounted on the door for two weeks already, with no rips, tears, or fading! If you ever need a temporary sign in a hurry, I recommend you try printing a photo poster!