Wow!! It’s hard to believe it’s been over two months since I’ve last posted on my blog! Time has really flown by!


As you may have read in my last post, I moved my office around and did a major purge of “stuff”. And the more I purged, the more I have found to purge. And continue to do so!  It baffled my mind why I found a Ziplock bag with 20 telephone patch cords in it. Or why I was saving 25 computer power cords. And why I still had 2 LPT cables when I don’t even own a computer with an LPT port anymore! And the same with the 3 PS/2 keyboards and mice when none of my computers have anything but USB ports? But what was even more amazing is simply the amount of PAPER that I am finding is not absolutely necessary to save.

Of course, business and tax related documents are stored in a filing cabinet, as well as digitized and stored on 2 different hard drives. But it’s all of the other paper that I want to save, but not store, that is almost overwhelming. The utility bills, the copies of warranty paperwork, credit card statements, and so on. I used to scan that type of document in, and save as .PDF’s, but it was becoming quite cumbersome to rename each file from “SCANxxxx.PDF” to “Something  Identifiable.PDF” That’s when I decided to move my archive activities into Evernote, and upgrade to a Premium account.

I already had the automatic import folder set up in Evernote, so I created a local notebook and called it “2013 Archive”. I then took the last two months of paper, scanned it all in, and by simply using tags, I was able to file all 64 documents in under 30 minutes! A huge time improvement for me! And searching by tags within Evernote for the .PDF, instead of scanning through a list of similarly named files, is so much quicker!.

A huge productivity improvement on all fronts!