I own a Magic Jack device. And I like it for what it is (see my previous post about it here). I wanted to give one of my children a phone, but I couldn’t justify adding another smart phone to my contract with Verizon Wireless at this point, nor did I want to put a land line into their room. So I started to look at other options, and then realized Magic Jack had an Android app (as well as an iOS one too).

So, I reset the old smartphone to factory defaults, logged into it with their Google account, downloaded the app from the Google Play Store, and installed it.

Thirty seconds later, I was logged into my Magic Jack account, and had placed a test call! Awesome!! I’ve since placed three or four more short calls, as well installing it on my smartphone. Sound quality with the Android app over the Wi-Fi is actually better than the sound quality I was getting from the actual Magic Jack device (though I hear that the new chipset in the 2014 Magic Jack Plus has improved sound quality). I also really appreciate the fact that the app is smart enough to offer me the choice of using either my Magic Jack account contact list, or the contact list on my phone.

Another benefit of using the app is now I can use my phone as a phone in those areas of the giant Faraday cage I call my house, where even with the femtocell, I have a weak signal.

Overall, I give the app 2 thumbs up, and wholeheartedly recommend it!