I had the opportunity to share my GTD workflow with a few individuals this past week, so I thought it might be a prime opportunity to share it with everyone else as well.

While not set in stone, and subject to constant tweaking as my process evolves, here it is:

Weekly Review

1) Review / pay bills 
2) Voice Mail —> inbox
     XXX-YYY-ZZZZ (cell)
     XXX-YYY-AAAA (home)
     XXX-YYY-BBBB (office)
     Update voicemail greeting as needed
3) Process Inboxes
     Process email inbox
     Process unfiled notes in Evernote
     Process physical inbox
     Scan all papers that need to be filed and can be stored digitally
     Physically file the rest
4) Download photos
5) Check Verizon Wireless data usage
6) Check Books 24×7 for new audio books
7) LinkedIn
     Check for new contacts
8) Review Action lists
     Be specific: What is the needed action?
     Granularity: No projects!
     Do-ability? Can / should / want to do?
     Delete finished actions
     Delete / move if not a next action
9) Review Calls list
     Generate follow up action if needed
     Delete completed items
10) Review Waiting For list
     Generate follow up action if needed
     Delete completed items
11) Review Calendars
     Previous weeks
     Upcoming week
     Generate Actions as needed
12) Review Someday / Maybe list
     Generate follow up action if needed
     Delete completed items
13) Review Projects List
     Make sure each project has a next action
     Delete / archive finished or obsolete projects
     Generate follow up action if needed
     Delete completed items
     Move to Someday / Maybe list if appropriate
     Perform a ‘post mortem” on completed projects
          What went right?
          What went wrong?
          What tools could have made the project easier / better?
14) Review Read / Review items
     Generate Next Action as needed
     Archive or discard material
15) Journal / brain dump
     Review entries for previous week
     Journal thoughts / observations / accomplishments / etc.
     Capture new projects / etc
16) Backup data
17) Organize / clean office