Let me ask you this: if you couldn’t fail, how big would you dream? I’ll ask that again: if you couldn’t fail, how big would you dream?

Are you a:

  • Stay-at-home mom who wants to supplement the family income with work she can set around her own busy schedule?
  • College student interested in an entrepreneurial career and being his/her own boss?
  • A retiree who is interested in anything but sitting in a rocking chair and doing nothing?
  • Dedicated worker who is done with punching a clock and earning money for somebody else, or is suddenly under-employed?
  • Someone who loves the outdoors and wants more free time to hike and bike and kayak, and would rather work the job around that schedule?
  • Health-conscious person with a passion for helping others feel youthful and alive?

If you are any of these, then please keep on reading!

Have you ever gone to the store and said to yourself, “If I just had a few dollars extra this month, I could get it…”?

What difference would an extra $300, $500, or even $1,000 per month make in your life? What if you didn’t have to worry about bills being late, or sacrificing the vacation money for car or home repairs? What if you could have the freedom you want to enjoy your life? What if you wanted an opportunity that you could start as a part time “plan B” and grow into a full time “plan A”?

If making enough money on a part time basis to change your life, sounds like something that would benefit you and your family, then keep reading!

Being a part of the Vemma team is a simple, fun, safe, and convenient way to supplement your income. If you love working with people and are interested in good health, Vemma provides the perfect opportunity to generate this additional income stream in your life!

If you are ready to join a team of experts ready to work with you in the exciting, billion-dollar health industry, or just want to learn more, contact me, watch these videos, and listen in on our weekly opportunity call, 9:00pm Eastern at 712-432-5455 (please use the passcode 10419).